Thermo Scientific Orbitrap

Enhancing the speed and sensitivity of a world-leading mass spectrometer

Mass spectrometers have applications across a range of fields and are used, for example, to develop and test drugs, detect food contamination, identify proteins and isotopes, and in carbon dating.

The Thermo Fisher Scientific TM is widely regarded as the world’s most advanced mass spectrometer. The product’s software is underpinned by our research which has greatly enhanced the speed and sensitivity of its performance.

Our impact

Our mathematical techniques enhance mass spectrometry

  • Since 2011, they have been used by Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Life Science Mass Spectrometry, Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry Division for OrbitrapTM mass spectrometer performance modelling.
  • They were implemented in the MASIM-3D software package in 2012.
  • OrbitrapTM devices are used in hospitals and laboratories worldwide.

The research

Professor Anatoly Neishtadt has world-leading expertise in the mathematical aspects of Hamiltonian perturbation theory and its applications 鈥 and has made seminal contributions to its development.

Working with Thermo Fisher Scientific, he has applied his research to model ion dynamics in the electrostatic field of the OrbitrapTM mass spectrometer.

The partnership has significantly advanced the capabilities of the OrbitrapTM. Thermo Fisher Scientific has been able to improve the design and set-up of the device, making it more accurate and reliable in a range of different applications – enhancing its position in the scientific device marketplace and supporting research across a range of fields.

Orbitrap devices are used in hospitals and laboratories worldwide

Development partners

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific

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