Your journey into research

Interested in studying for a PhD but not sure where to start? To help you navigate the journey, we鈥檝e outlined the different routes open to you.

Identify a research area which interests you

The aim of a PhD is to make a novel contribution to knowledge and discover something that no-one else has done before. If you have already identified the research area that interests you, check to see if this is something we specialise in.

Research areas

Look for an existing research opportunity

Take a look at our list of advertised research opportunities - these are projects which have been developed by our academics. Some projects come with funding already attached and for those that don't, there are a number of funding options.

Research opportunities

...or develop your own research project

If you can't find what you're looking for in our list of advertised projects, you can develop your own research proposal and approach one of our academics with an outline of your ideas to see if they could potentially supervise your research. Take a look to see what you need to include when proposing your own idea.

How to write a research proposal

Find funding

Once you鈥檝e found your project or developed your research proposal, you鈥檒l need to think about how you intend to fund your studies if your project doesn't have funding attached. We've listed a range of options available to you, including scholarships, bursaries and loans.

Find funding

Speak to us

Whether you鈥檙e thinking of applying for an existing research opportunity or you want to develop your own research project, we're happy to help. Ask us any questions you may have to get a better understanding of the research you're interested in and what you need to include in your application.

Contact us

Apply online

Once you鈥檝e decided on the right route for you, the final step is to apply via our online portal.

How to apply